"...The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Power of Corporate Fasting

We were one week into our corporate fast and I was praying for my mother’s healing as she has been battling several health issues over the last six months. The Holy Spirit reminded me to once again attempt to pray with her to repent and break any curses from generational involvement in Free Masonry. I had attempted this several times before but was always met with resistance. In a conversation with my mother that same day, she made a comment that was a perfect lead-in to my request. This time she accepted with no resistance and we were able to meet and pray through some repentance and curse breaking prayers. My father joined us as I found out his grandfather was also involved with the Masons. I believe this breakthrough of a long-standing family issue was the result of God’s faithfulness and the power of corporate fasting.  As a result, I believe we will also see sustained healing for my mother.-January 2020

Diabetes Is Clearing Up

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The doctor prescribed oral medication. Every three months, the doctor measured my blood sugar level by a test called A1C.  The level over the years has always been 6.5-7.  My medications continued to be increased to manage my blood sugar level.
Earlier this year(2019), the doctor observed my levels dropping to just under 6.  In August, I went for my three month check up and the level was 5.2! The doctor said,

“It looks like your diabetes is clearing up!” I was completely surprised by this statement.  My meds have been drastically cut this year.  The report from the doctor was a boost to my hope.

I have received much prayer over the years for healing. Over the last couple of years, New Bethel Church has focused on consistently making personal scripture declarations. Also, our leadership completed the Divine Healing Technician Training by Curry Blake. I believe with these two powerful tools we will see many more healings at New Bethel Church. I am so thankful to God for healing me and I fully expect to be free of all diabetes meds and symptoms of diabetes. Thank you Jesus!-posted 11/04/19

My life has truly changed.

-Miriam 05/05/19



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Kidney Stone-No Pain

A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning with severe stomach pain. The pain got worse and was up to an 8 on a 10-point scale so I decided to go to the ER.  My mom asked our church family to start praying and they did. At the hospital, they ran tests and determined that I had a kidney stone that needed to pass. The pain got a little better at the hospital and I was sent home. The severe pain never returned. A few days later, I still had not passed the stone.  I attended the Friday Night Fire prayer event at New Bethel Church. One of my brothers in Christ prayed for my healing and for the stone to pass quickly and painlessly.  The next morning, I woke up and passed the stone first thing in the morning without pain! I am thankful to God for this miracle. -posted 09/21/18

Healed Hand

Six weeks ago I fell and injured my right hand and index finger. While laying on the ground I ask Jesus for help and declared, "no broken bones!" Three days later I was able to get to urgent care for x-rays. They were not able to see any broken bones and told me to take care and see a doctor if it continued to get worse. After three weeks of caring for grandchildren, I saw an orthopedic doctor who said it was fractured. While looking at the x-ray the doctor said that I was growing new bones and had no arthritis! Therapy was scheduled instead of surgery! Hallelujah! The doctor's intern acknowledged that faith and prayer are effective tools that help to heal. I was told that

my injury would likely require six to twelve therapy sessions. I used the painful sessions to share about my faith, prayers and decrees over my hand. In just two days the therapist was surprised at the great progress my hand had made. Again, I shared how God was healing my hand. Last Sunday Pastor Barnabas from India prayed for my hand and I began to experience more ability to use my hand. Again, Friday night at church I agreed with him in prayer for no limitations and complete healing. Today though I have some pain, I am experiencing no limitations.  I can use my hand in any way that I need to! Praise God! -posted 08/27/18

Spiritual Growth

Spiritually, Donald and I have grown exponentially both individually and as a couple during our time at New Bethel Church.  This has come about by taking advantage of five spiritual growth challenges given to us by Pastor Marcus: fasting corporately, joining the morning prayer call over the last two years, praying more in tongues, attending inner healing bible studies and taking communion daily.

Donald and I love going to church and enjoy serving there often. We have developed a strong sense of family as we daily fellowship with our brothers and sisters at New Bethel Church. Pastor Marcus and Vida Plating know us intimately and care about what is going on in our immediate family. 


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